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Daily Active Users (DAU) Report

This report is intended for use by Publishers and is available from SDK version 2.1 and higher.


The Daily Active User (DAU) report provides publishers the ability to see the real and accurate number of DAUs for their app using a defined set of dimensions.

To explore DAU, you must split or filter by App ID or App Name.


For full instructions of the functionality available to you with Fyber's Dynamic Reporting, click here.

DAU Dimensions

Set out below are the groups and the dimensions contained within them, relevant to the DAU report.

Group Name



The date and time of the report


App ID

App identifier in Fyber's system

App Name

The name of the app

Publisher Name

The name of the publisher Fyber's system



The country in which the user accessed the app

DAU Metrics

Metrics appear in the left pane under the dimensions.

Set out below are the the metrics relevant to the DAU Report.

Group Name


Total Revenue

Total earnings accrued so far. This amount is subject to change when earnings are verified for accuracy.

Sum (Total Revenue)



The number of daily active users of a selected. To explore this metric, choose either App ID and/or App Name.


The average revenue per daily active user of a selected app. To explore this metric, choose either App ID and/or App Name.

Sum (Total Revenue) / DAU

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Daily Active Users (DAU) Report

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